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Per Jostein Aarsand
Telefon: 464 48 264,



Per Jostein tells funny, absurd and tragicomic stories. He always connects with his audiences and is one of Norways mostly used storytellers. Per Jostein is a member of Fortellerhuset (House of storytellers) and for several years he was the artistic leader of the Norwegian Storytelling Festival, in Oslo. Per Jostein travels all around Norway with solo-performances and together with other storytellers and musicans. The stories are traditional or from his own life. They often make you laugh, but they also make you remember your own absurd and vulnerable experiences. In 2013 he was nominated to «Gullsekken» («The Golden Bag»; a national award) together with three musicans, with the show: «Østfolk» (Eastenders). In 2014 he was given a one year working grant from The Arts Council of Norway.